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Interior and exterior signage

A new Campus Branding, Signage and Wayfinding strategy supports our re-branding work. Through an RFP, we selected an agency to help us to develop an approach that effectively uses our brand while creating a cohesive approach to signage and wayfinding across all parts of our campus. This new approach will be implemented over a multi-year period, beginning this year. 

We will follow a collaborative approach throughout this process. Visioning Workshops have already taken place and the core team working on this initiative will continue to benefit from the community’s insights and input as we move forward.

Informed by the agency’s initial assessment, identification of best practices, and our priorities with respect to the use of technology, we've gained the necessary insight into the different needs, expectations and abilities to navigate the campus with a truly intuitive and inclusive wayfinding and placemaking strategy.

Interior Signage

Updates to the existing internal nameplates or room plaques for all locations except Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC) will continue to be requested using the Internal Signage Request Form at this time. 

Office nameplates for the SIRC building can be updated using this Word template. Examples of the wayfinding signage found at SIRC:

Internal Wayfinding Signage  Welcome Centre Sign SIRC

All other requests for internal signage must come through the Communications and Marketing team so that we can effectively access the best method of signage based on the current stage of the overall plan. Contact us to discuss your request.

Exterior Signage

We've completed some cost-effective retrofitting of all existing previous logo signage to update our existing signage until we implement the new campus signage and wayfinding system underway over the multi-year phased project. 

All requests for external signage must come through the Communications and Marketing team and we will discuss your request with the Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability (OCIS) to determine the most effective solution for you. Contact us to discuss.