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Videography guidelines

The Communications and Marketing department provides branded video assets for projects including:

  • an intro
  • an outro
  • lower-third graphics

Videos produced to market the university should include these assets to help:

  • Reinforce the brand.
  • Keep the use of our logo consistent across various forms of media.

Co-branded asset versions are also available.

If you have any questions, or to request a copy of these assets contact us

Photo/video release form

The university requires all subjects appearing in a photograph or video to sign a release form.

Contact us for large format release signage for events.

Filming and editing tips

  • Filming tips
    • Use available light (e.g. a window or another light source) and ensure it is behind the camera where possible, when filming indoors.
    • Use a quiet area or choose a time when little traffic is expected.
    • Place the microphone or camera close to the person speaking.
    • Film multiple takes, especially when someone is talking, as this will provide options for editing.
    • Keep each take relatively short.
    • Break up speaking parts by filming it in smaller sections. This helps the individual with reading or memorizing scripts.
    • Look for creative ways to convey your message rather than filming someone speaking directly into the camera.
    • Shoot B-roll clips (supplemental footage that acts as a cutaway while someone is speaking) to add to your video during editing.
    • Consider the background and environment of subject. If it isn’t relevant to your message, cut it out. 
  • Editing tips
    • Consider combining multiple clips during the editing process instead of shooting one long take.
    • Avoid using copyrighted material, unless you’ve acquired appropriate permissions. If you would like to have background music in your video, purchase a license from a reputable stock source.
    • Avoid obvious product placement or logos on clothing or objects.
    • Do not include any additional branding (e.g. university logos) as official video branding assets are available to you via the Communications and Marketing department.
    • Avoid harsh shadows, extreme contrast and overly stylized effects (e.g. Instagram filters).