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PowerPoint templates are available for download. Once a template has been selected, a default title page slide will appear. Additional slide design options can be found for each template by selecting the New Slide dropdown option under the Home tab on the PowerPoint menu.

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The templates above are created in Microsoft PowerPoint. They are formatted with a designed title page and content slides.

To create your file:

  1. After you open a template, you will be asked to 'click to create a presentation,' and the title slide will appear.
  2. Save the template and rename it for your use.
  3. You can add subsequent pages of your presentation by going to the Home tab, selecting the New Slide tool and choosing the slide designs that best showcase your content.

screen capture powerpoint insert slide  screen capture insert slide Powerpoint

  • To insert text, double-click on the text box and start typing. It is better to type directly onto the slides; copying and pasting text may change how the font looks. Larger fonts (size 14+) work better for presentations than smaller font sizes. If you want to adjust the font to a smaller size, consider reducing the number of words you are using instead.
  • Adding additional slides is easy. Simply select the content slide that best fits your information, a new section slide or duplicate the slide you currently have selected (if duplicating a slide, you will have to type over the content). Continue to use this tool to complete your presentation.

Contact us with any questions about using the templates.


When presenting using slides, keep in mind that less is more. Slides are intended to provide the presenter with points to discuss verbally. Each slide acts as a prompt to content that will be shared as opposed to a word for word list of everything being presented.

A single slide should cover one thought or act as a collection of three to five bullet points that summarize a topic in very few words.