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Brand implementation

This change will take time as we transition to our new brand. We will be fiscally responsible in every decision we make and this will be a common thread in the multi-year implementation. We are being strategic in the changes we make to minimize the impact to the campus community. This means the implementation of the new brand will begin during a time when university communications are being updated as a normal course of business. And, it’s an investment that has not happened in the 17-year history of the university. Many of the signs that you see on campus were intended to be temporary and have already outlived their useful purpose.

Timeline (initial transition)

  • April and May
    • Creative design including, but not limited to, stationery, posters, internal signage, office and window decals, digital templates
    • Brand Central website updated
    • Ongoing communications to internal stakeholders, external audiences to provide updates
    • Removal of non-essential branding and signage
    • Website development to reflect new brand and improved UX
    • OUF preparation – updates to booth, video, print, production, communications
  • June
    • Launch new E-store - promotion of new stationery, print materials, templates for self-build and production
    • Events - following convocation, other events can begin to use the new branding
  • July
    • Orders for stationery and promotional materials - production of core stationary, business cards, promotional materials for all faculties and departments.
    • Creative development - update of marketing materials with new brand for September distribution
  • August
    • Launch university’s new mobile app
    • Launch digital assets - website, digital signage, kiosks, social media change over
    • Installation of interior and exterior signage (update or new) - building signs, buildings wraps and banners, core wayfinding, floor decals, pillars
  • September
    • Brand launch - celebration event partnered with orientation activities
    • Updates to publications and communications materials (staff, faculty)
    • Major marketing materials completed -first released with 2019-2020 admission cycle (viewbooks, OUF) and varsity athletics

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