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Signage and wayfinding

Our mission

The Campus Branding, Signage and Wayfinding project plan was created following extensive research, planning, design and development. It includes input collected from the campus community, senior leadership, our campus partner Durham College and our agency partner Entro Communications, a world leader in branding, space design and wayfinding.

Effective wayfinding is more than an information and navigation system. It’s an extension of our brand and it ensures our campus community, and our guests, experience Ontario Tech in a comfortable, informed and seamless way. When a system is well done, individuals should use it without knowing they’ve used it and that’s how we gauge our success.   

Existing signage and wayfinding found within our buildings reflects the university’s years of growth and change. While it’s served us well, now it’s time for the Ontario Tech brand to shape our campus and our Campus Branding, Signage and Wayfinding plan will guide the way forward.

Our new wayfinding system is cost effective and sustainable, using a modular system that not only identifies a campus location, it also seamlessly guides a person to their destination and enhances their Ontario Tech experience.

In addition to installing the new wayfinding system, we will also introduce exterior signage and interior space branding guidelines. This will help enhance a welcoming experience from the moment someone first approaches campus and throughout their entire time with us.


  1. Showcase the Ontario Tech brand in all our spaces and create a campus environment that focuses on experience:
    • Tell our story visually, and almost inherently, by creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests.
  2. Develop a simple, intuitive and consistent approach that looks great and works for everyone.
    • Create branded signage as well as a more robust digital navigation system that work together seamlessly.
  3. Create a system that adapts easily to change and growth on campus (e.g., names, locations, new buildings, etc.)

"Good architectural wayfinding allows individuals to navigate built environments with ease and confidence. Within complex environments, such as health care, educational campuses, and transportation facilities, wayfinding enhances one’s understanding of the physical environment, reduces stress and confusion, increases safety, and saves time for both visitors and employees."

~ Parkin Architects Ltd