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Virtual Tour Editor Guide

This guide is a reference for university staff and faculty tasked with maintaining data related to the Virtual Tour and Campus Map.

For further instruction on specific topics or to receive a Virtual Tour login, please request a training session. Questions can also be sent to

Table of contents

  • Introduction


    This section provides a brief overview of the Virtual Tour content management system (CMS), its differences to the University's current website CMS (Cascade CMS), and a breakdown of general terms used in this guide.

    1. Intro
    2. Conceptual differences
    3. Glossary
  • Data types

    Data types

    This section provides descriptions and data samples of the types of content that can be managed through the Virtual Tour CMS.

    1. Places
    2. Map data
      • Geometries
      • Features
      • Categories
      • Feature collections
    3. Tour data
  • Workflow


    This section explains in detail how to complete specific tasks in the Virtual Tour CMS. Each subsection represents a different concrete workflow (set of steps) that can be followed to accomplish a certain goal.

    1. Building a tour scene
    2. Creating a building
      • Virtual tour
        • Create a building
        • Add a default scene
        • Connect to location
      • Campus map
        • Create geometries Advanced
        • Start a feature collection
        • Add features
        • Connect to tour building