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Our new brand is MORE than a new logo

Earlier this year we announced a completely new visual identity as part of the new brand for Ontario Tech University. This new brand includes many new creative elements to use in all of our communications. You will see more visuals instead of words, and a new tone and voice in the way we communicate.

We have a great story to share and our new brand creates an important new platform for more people to know us, and to study and partner with us.

ONEbrand strategy

The success of our new brand relies on having one unified brand: Ontario Tech University. And, we’ll achieve this with our ONEbrand strategy.

What is a ONEbrand strategy?

Our ONEbrand strategy brings our campus community together as one by using only:

  • The Ontario Tech University logo system (see logo downloads in brand toolkit).
  • Consistent messages (in development).
  • Pantone colours from the logo.

Benefits of a ONEbrand strategy

  • improved brand presence
  • integrated communications
  • simple, easy to navigate
  • cost effective
  • leverages brand investment