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Information kiosks

Our digital touch-screen kiosks are a visual medium used to share specific information with students, faculty, staff and visitors. We design, develop and maintain the kiosks, and they can be found at many locations across campus.

  • Information kiosk
    Information kiosk interface

    Providing visitors with a wealth of information at their fingertips, the university's information kiosks are located in most buildings across campus.

    Information that is available on the kiosks include:

    • building map
    • campus map
    • directory search
    • news and events
    • weather
  • Digital donor wall
    Digital donor wall interfaceOur supporters make a difference. We recognize the generosity of our donors and their outstanding commitment to our students, staff, faculty and campus through our digital donor walls. We also showcase the various opportunities for support.
  • Digital alumni wall
    Alumni wall interfaceProviding visitors with an alumni world map, alumni profiles and directory, events and more, our alumni walls are a great way to feature our graduates.