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CMS updates

Keep track of CMS updates and new features on this page. 

February 2020

Card grid update - modal window

We've updated the card grid component to include modal windows. Instead of opening a page when clicking on the card, you can now choose to show additional information in a "pop-up" modal window. You can preview the modal functionality at the bottom of the card grid example page.


September 2019

New brand style

Earlier this year, we announced a new brand for the university. The and faculty websites were updated to reflect the new brand style. During the transition period, we will work with you to update your existing department and faculty subsites to reflect the new brand. You can view an example of the changes on our Sample website. If you'd like to update your website, please contact us.

Updated banner component

You may have noticed that the banner component in the CMS editor is different. The updated banner component is now a global component across all types of pages, including home pages (new brand template) and subpages/inside pages. View some examples of banner variations on our Sample website. We've also updated the CMS User Guide banner instructions.

Brandfolder Digital Asset Management tool

We have a new online Digital Asset Management tool, Brandfolder. It contains our online photo database and official brand assets.

Images and files that are uploaded to Brandfolder are published and hosted on external Brandfolder servers. You can search for assets in Brandfolder using keywords or browse by folder like Faculty of Business & IT.

When adding images or files to websites, including our CMS, you can embed the asset directly from Brandfolder, instead of downloading it to your computer, uploading it to the CMS, and then embedding it internally in the CMS. Embedding an image directly from Brandfolder means that your asset version will always be the most up-to-date version. Any edits made to the original file on Brandfolder will automatically be reflected on your website. It also eliminates multiple versions of the same or similar asset being uploaded to our CMS. 

Learn more about the differences between Brandfolder and the CMS Shared Assets website.

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