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Content modules

  Note that this page refers to home page templates prior to the 2019 university rebrand. New websites will use the rebranded style. If you'd like to update your existing home page template to the rebranded template, contact us.

Home page modules are blocks of content that appear on the home page. You can customize the placement and size (width) of modules to suit their content and your needs or preference.

Sizing of home page modules will always be arranged in a grid of thirds - a single module can be one third the width of the page, two thirds, or span the full width of the page.

Home page modules are arranged in a grid formation

On medium screen sizes (tablets or small laptops/desktops), there is an additional option of half of the page width. 

All of the modules on the page should fill the grid for large and medium screen sizes. If a module does not fit on the current grid row, it will drop down to the next row and leave an empty space on the row above. When creating modules and setting module widths, ensure that the widths of all modules add up to fill the grid of thirds for each screen size.  

On small screen sizes (mobile phones), modules with span the full width of the page and stack underneath each other. 

Modules are full width and stack underneath each other on mobile screen sizes

  Note that some module types have a set size for certain screen sizes, which you cannot adjust.

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