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News feed module

  Note that this page refers to home page templates prior to the 2019 university rebrand. New websites will use the rebranded style. If you'd like to update your existing home page template to the rebranded template, contact us.

news feed module automatically pulls news articles related to a particular faculty/department/category that have been published to the university's news site ( and adds them to your home page. 

News articles are written and published by the Communications and Marketing department. To submit a news article, send a request to Communications and Marketing department. If a News category for your department or website does not already exist, request a new category so that any articles related to your department or website can be tagged with this category when the article is published. 

How to

Create a news feed module

  1. If a news feed RSS block has not been created, send a request to the Web Team to have this RSS feed created.
  2. On your website, edit the home page (main index page).
  3. Edit the first default Module section or create an additional module by clicking the green plus icon underneath the Module section label.
    Select module screenshot

  4. Select News feed in the Module type option. A news feed editor section will appear.
    Select news feed module type option

  5. In the Feed block field, browse to and select the RSS feed block created by the Web Team. Alternatively, the Web Team can add this block to the page for you. 
  6. Enter the module heading in the Module heading field. 
  7. Select the module width for large screen sizes (the default module width for medium and small screen sizes is full width). For each screen size, ensure that the widths for any additional modules before/following this module add up to fill the grid of thirds. 
  8. You can reorder modules by clicking on the navy upwards/downwards arrows for each module. Delete a module by clicking on the red x icon.
    Reorder and delete module screenshot
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