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Primary palette

Our primary colour palette consists of three bold colours: two traditional blues, paired with a vibrant orange. These
convey enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change and determination.

Follow these unique colour breakdowns for appropriate reproduction across all mediums.

Use these colours at full strength, not tinted or multiplied. (Monochomatic tinting approved in Brand Art only)

Future Blue
Accessible text colour
Accessible text colour(minimum 24px)
PMS 541 C
C100 M58 Y9 K46
R0 G60 B113
Simcoe Blue
Accessible text colour
PMS 3005 C
C100 M31 Y0 K0
R0 G119 B202
Tech Tangerine
Accessible text colour
Accessible text colour (minimum 24px)
PMS 1645 C
C0 M70 Y100 K0
R231 G93 B42 *
#E75D2A *

* Tech Tangerine and AODA compliance
Digital: We’ve developed a custom breakdown for using Tech Tangerine RGB or HEX colour text on a white background. Use these values and maintain a minimum of 24px font size.
Print: Avoid using Tech Tangerine in font smaller than 16pt in print applications.

Secondary palette

Our neutral secondary colour palette supports and complements our bold primary palette.

Our warm, cool and dark greys can be used as tints as needed for contrast in application.

Minimum contrast ratios must be met for use of grey values. Black text must be used on warm and cool grey to be web compliant.

Warm grey
Accessible text colour
C9 M11 Y13 K20
R172 G163 B154
Cool grey
Accessible text colour
C20 M14 Y12 K40
R167 G168 B170
Dark grey ("blue grey")
Accessible text colour
PMS 431 C
C45 M25 Y16 K59
R91 G103 B112
Spirit navy
Accessible text colour
PMS 539 C
C100 M75 Y50 K50
R0 G40 B60

Colour-use ratio

This is the recommended usage ratio guide in application.

Our Future and Simcoe Blues are used most prominently, balanced with a generous amount of white.

Reserve our Tech Tangerine for more judicious and strategic pops of colour and for our Arrow. Complement this with the secondary palette.

Colour ratio example

Additional shades for web use

Additional shades of blue are available for web or digital use only

Light (Simcoe) blue
Accessible text colour
R0 G119 B202
Medium blue
Accessible text colour
R0 G87 B147
Dark (Future) blue
Accessible text colour
R0 G60 B113
Darker blue
Accessible text colour
R4 G42 B75