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Symbol formats

Primary Spirit Symbols

The Ridgebacks Paw and Dog with the Shield are the primary Spirit Brand Symbols. They should be used in the most visible and high profile Spirit Brand touchpoints.

By setting the Paw and Dog within the italicized Shield, we draw an important connection between the Spirit Brand and Masterbrand.

Secondary Spirit Symbols

The Ridgebacks Paw and Dog without the Shields are secondary Symbols. They should be used as supportive elements and used more sparingly in the brand touchpoints.

Colour variations

As a general rule, and whenever possible, the Symbol should always be used in its full-colour version. Greyscale and black versions should only be used in specific cases.

Ensure the logo is always reproduced with approved artwork files and the correct format is used for the appropriate medium.

Spirit brand symbol versions

Usage guidelines

To ensure our brand is represented effectively, the Symbols must be used correctly. This page shows the correct amount of clear space around the Spirit Brand Symbols.

The same spacing rules apply to all variations of the Symbols.

Note: the minimum size application of Symbols.

Spirit brand symbol usage guidelines

Incorrect usage

Below are examples of how our Spirit Brand Symbols and Wordmarks shouldn't be used. The same rules apply to all variations of the Symbols and Wordmarks.

Examples of incorrect spirit brand usage