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Print and production services

We can arrange pricing and production of any print or physical materials for you. This includes but is not limited to the printing of brochures, booklets, zap stands, banners, custom event support materials and tradeshow booths. We work with a number of preferred vendors who have already proven themselves as strong partners who understand our brand guidelines and deliver quality products on time and on budget. 

In addition to working with external vendors, we also utilize the services of our in-house print shop for certain projects and will determine how their services may apply during the project development.

Campus Print Shop

You can also print your own branded materials with the print shop directly. Once you have developed materials on your own following the Brand Guidelines and templates below, you can email the print shop to make a request. Include the following in your email: quantity, black and white or colour, single or double-sided, paperweight, format (brochure, poster, single fold, number of pages, staples required, etc) and when you need the order ready for pick up.