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Need signage?

New ordering process for all signage—new and old

Ontario Tech’s previous wayfinding system will be replaced with our new signs as we update the campus over the next few years. To help maintain consistency with the new signage and wayfinding, we’ve developed a new internal signage ordering process and request form. One form will now be used for all signage requests, regardless of the building it will be installed in.

Interior signage order process

Our new wayfinding system takes advantage of a paper insert feature for signs that will typically require updates more often,  making them faster, easier and much more cost-effective while supporting our sustainability efforts on campus. The templates for these new signs can be found here.


  • If you have a signage request, that isn't a paper insert, submit an Interior Signage Order Form.
  • If you need to update the paper insert, please use the templates provided.
  • If naming a lab, provide background information on the funding or agreement supporting the named space along with contact information for the Advancement team involved with the agreement.
  • If the location involves a future renovation or move, this will be considered, however, the request may be denied or included in the future capital project if applicable.