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Auto-indexed links - thumbnails layout

This is an auto-indexed page of links, displayed as thumbnails with a heading and description.

The links below have been automatically created by the CMS; the CMS scans all of the pages in the current folder and displays the heading, description and thumbnail image for each page. Whenever you add/edit/remove other pages in the current folder, this page automatically gets updated (it needs to be republished to be updated on the live site).

The order of items can be alphabetical or a custom folder order. 


Card grid

Example of a card grid page of links. Links are displayed as "cards", laid out in a grid format.


CTA buttons (button-icon)

Example of a page with call-to-action (CTA) button links. Formerly known as a button-icon landing page.


Embed code

Embed code in a page, such as form code

Page templates

Page templates determine what fields you can view and edit in the CMS page editor.

Graduating class


Example of tabbed content