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Multi-row content

Multi-row content is displayed in a grid layout and is comprised of multiple columns and rows.

You can create a maximum of 12 columns. Multiple columns are evenly spaced across the page. On smaller screen sizes, columns are stacked underneath each other.

You can create an unlimited number of rows.

Row 1, Column 2

Row 1, Column 3

Row 1, Column 4

Row 2, Column 1

Row 2, Column 2

Row 3, Column 1

Row 3, Column 2

Row 3, Column 3

Row 3, Column 4

A multi-row grid layout is useful for displaying information in an organized, evenly spaced grid, without using tables. (For accessibility, tables should not be used for laying out content on page. Tables should only be used for tabular data.)

Grid layouts can be used for more visual landing pages. View an example of a grid layout with custom graphics.

Note: in the example on this page, columns are delineated with a box and coloured background to show the row/column layout. The coloured boxes will not appear in regular pages.