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Linking to files on a website

How to

Link to files from Brandfolder

  1. Login to Brandfolder.
  2. Select the files in Brandfolder.
  3. Do not download the file from Brandfolder. Instead, you can link directly to the file in Brandfolder. Linking to or embedding the file directly from Brandfolder means that your file version will always be the most up-to-date version. Any edits made to the original file on Brandfolder will automatically be reflected on your website. It also eliminates multiple versions of the same or similar image being uploaded to our CMS.
  4. Select the Embed tab.
    Select the Embed tab
  5. In the CDN Link - Asset section, select the Copy to clipboard link to copy the URL.
    Copy the asset link
  6. Paste the URL into the CMS or your website where you want the file link to appear.