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Brandfolder vs CMS Shared Assets website


Brandfolder is our online Digital Asset Management tool. It contains our online photo database and official brand assets.

Images and files that are uploaded to Brandfolder are published and hosted on external Brandfolder servers. You can search for assets in Brandfolder using keywords or browse by folder, like 'Faculty of Business & IT'. 

When adding images or files to websites, including our CMS, you can embed the asset directly from Brandfolder, instead of downloading it to your computer, uploading it to the CMS, and then embedding it internally in the CMS. Embedding an asset directly from Brandfolder means that your asset version will always be the most up-to-date version. Any edits made to the original file on Brandfolder will automatically be reflected on your website. It also eliminates multiple versions of the same or similar asset being uploaded to our CMS.

Shared Assets website in the CMS

Shared Assets website - a central website in the CMS where all assets (images, documents and other files) are uploaded and saved.

Images and documents that are uploaded to the Shared Assets website in the CMS are published to the live site

Each faculty and department owns their own subsection of this siteonly the particular faculty or department can edit the files within their subsection. However, all CMS users can view and link to files in all other faculty or department folders. This ensures there is only a single, up-to-date instance of a particular file uploaded to the CMS so everyone can link to the same file. If the file owner updates this file, the file will be updated on all pages and sites linking to the file. 

  If you do not own or manage the original version of a file, please do not upload your copy of this file to your department folder in the CMS. Contact the owner of the file to determine its location in the Shared Assets website or contact us so you can link to the original file internally.

When to use Brandfolder vs. Shared Assets

You can think of Brandfolder as our official repository of university images and documents. 'Generic' images, images that could be used across multiple website, Ontario Tech stock photography, and widely used documents are housed within Brandfolder. 

The Shared Assets website in the CMS should only be used for faculty or department-specific images and documents, such as a VPN request form for IT Services. 

  Where possible, embed assets directly from Brandfolder, instead of uploading them to the Shared Assets website in the CMS. Before uploading files to the CMS, check Brandfolder to see if the same or similar file already exists. If you have an asset that you think belongs on Brandfolder (such as a 'generic' image that could be used on multiple websites), contact us and we'll add it to Brandfolder.

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