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What’s been done and what’s next

The Campus Branding, Signage and Wayfinding project is a large and necessary undertaking that will follow a relatively high-paced schedule.

What’s been done


In the Spring, a request for proposals was completed and Entro Communications was awarded the university’s Signage and Wayfinding project. Entro was asked to complete a campus through, surveys of students, staff and community, and propose a signage strategy and system.

In the Fall, online and in-person working groups (north and downtown Oshawa locations) were held to discuss building naming approaches and potential names/themes.   

In-person visioning workshops were held (north and downtown Oshawa locations) to inform the research and development process as it pertains to pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow on campus, existing interior and exterior wayfinding challenges and considerations for future growth. Entro’s report guided the creation of the campus wayfinding and signage plan.


Our new wayfinding and signage was applied to Shawenjigewining Hall (SHA) at the time of building construction and unveiled at the building opening. 


Charles Hall became the first building at our downtown campus location to receive our new wayfinding system and signage.   


  • Summer of 2023:  Energy Research Centre (ERC)
  • Fall of 2023:  Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIR)


  • Spring of 2024:  Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE), OPG Engineering Building (ENG), Clean Energy Resesarch Lab (CER)
  • Summer and Fall 2024: Business and Information Technology Building (BIT) and Science Building (SCI)

Check back for updates on the upcoming phases of this exciting project!