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View and download entries

  1. Select the form you want to view entries for in the Form Manager page. 
  2. Select the Entries tab. 
  3. A list of all entries will appear, sorted by latest date by default. 
  4. You can search for specific entries by selecting the Filter entries option in the top right.
    1. Select the options you want to filter by and select Apply filter
  5. You can display only specific fields by selecting the Select fields option in the top right. 
    1. Check the fields you want to display in the list and select Apply
  6. Download a CSV or spreadsheet of the entries by selecting individual entries or by selecting the Export button.
    1. Choose to export all form fields or specific form fields.
    2. Choose the file format (typically .xls or .csv).
    3. The exported file will automatically save to your downloads folder.