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Use no periods in bulleted lists with fewer than three words per line.

For example: The Ridgebacks offers the following varsity sports at the university:

  • badminton
  • basketball
  • curling
  • dance
  • golf
  • hockey
  • rowing
  • soccer
  • women’s lacrosse

Bulleted lists that are longer, or can stand alone as a sentence, should have periods at the end of each bullet.

For example: Dr. Wendy Stanyon is an expert in:

  • Enhancing mental health literacy.
  • Facilitating mental health/illness awareness.
  • Training and education on mental health issues in the community.

Note: Bulleted lists should appear in alphabetical order unless logic suggests the list be prioritized or sequenced.

Numbered lists should only be used for sequenced/or numbered steps.

For example: To apply for the Ontario Student Assistance Program:

  1. Register online to create a password.
  2. Login and submit your information.
  3. Check the website to see when your money will be available.

When a bulleted list includes some information that is three words or fewer, along with information that features more than three words, you should capitalize the first letter and omit periods at the end.

For example:

Services include:
  • Advising/referrals to other services on/off campus
  • Indigenous Awareness Week
  • Pathways assistance
  • Personalized tours of both campus locations
  • Recruitment and admissions assistance
  • Running educational and cultural events on campus
  • Volunteer program