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Spell out zero through nine. Use numerals for numbers greater than nine.

For example: Ontario Tech University will welcome seven new faculty members this September. The university’s professors collectively speak more than 20 languages.

If indicating a range of numbers, use the numeric value.

For example: There will be 2 to 11 people attending the event.

Spell out any number that begins a sentence.

For example: Eighty invention disclosures have been submitted by Ontario Tech University since 2003.

Use commas with all numbers above 999. (e.g. 1,000)

Use numerals when referencing grades, days, room numbers, years, and capitalize the word, unless it is pluralized.

For example: Day 1, Grade 7, Room 1350.

Students in grades 9 to 12 are invited to participate.

Exception: Score results. The Ridgebacks won the game 3–1. The new policy was passed by a 19–6 margin.


Reference to first, second, third, up to ninth should be spelled out. Numbers 10 and above should be written as 10th, 11th, 12th, etc. (except in the case of dates, which don’t take ordinals). When used, ordinals are always lowercase.