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Brandfolder is our online Digital Asset Management tool. It contains our online photo database and official brand assets.

Asset version control
Images and files that are uploaded to Brandfolder are published and hosted on external Brandfolder servers. These assets are tracked by the Brandfolder system; if asset versions change (assets get moved, renamed, or updated) within Brandfolder, any 
direct online links to these assets will automatically get updated. Using direct links is the preferred method of embedding Brandfolder assets in online applications such as websites.

The Brandfolder system also tracks asset usage, including number of downloads and where assets are being used (if direct online links were used). We can set asset expiration dates as well so that links will automatically be disabled after a specified date.

Advanced search and tagging
Brandfolder uses advanced AI technology to automatically tag all assets with keywords. You can search for specific assets in Brandfolder using common keywords and phrases, like 'students on campus', or you can browse by folder/label, like 'Faculty of Business & IT' or 'headshots'.

To access Brandfolder, visit the link below and login using the Ontario Tech University SSO option and enter your Banner ID and network password. If you are not a university employee, you can request access on the login page.


Brandfolder User Guide