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Naming conventions

  Before you upload a file, ensure that the name of the file on your computer does not contain any special characters, including parentheses and square brackets, otherwise the file will not upload.

The System Name of uploaded assets are automatically generated by the CMS based on the name of the files on your computer. Before you upload any files to the CMS, be sure to remove any special characters from the file names. 

In addition, if you have any spaces or capitals in your file name, the CMS will prompt you to re-name the uploaded asset to follow the CMS naming conventions:

  • all lowercase characters
  • any spaces replaced with dashes

The File Name and path of the asset (what appears in the CMS Site Content menu) is what will be used as the asset's live URL, so there should not be any special characters, capitals, or spaces.

  Where applicable, file names of uploaded assets should be generic (no dates or versions in the file name)

If previous versions of a file do not need to be archived, keep the File Name generic, without any version numbers or dates. When the file needs to be updated at a later date, the file can be overwritten at the same location, thereby avoiding the need to relink and republish pages. The updated file can be republished and all pages linking to the file will automatically be updated as well.

For example:

Enter a File Name of registration-form, rather than registration-form-2018

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