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Page templates

Page templates determine what fields you can view and edit in the CMS page editor. Most sites use one of the two primary page templates in the CMS:

If your site was created prior to Fall 2019, your site most likely has the Standard page template. If your site was created afterwards, or if you've made a special request, then your site will have the Global page template. The available page components are generally the same between the two templates; the major difference is that the global page offers more flexibility in the number and order of components on a page. The Global page is also a merger of the former Standard and Home page templates—you can put components that were formerly restricted to home pages, such as a news feed module, on any page, whether it is the home page, an internal/inside page, or a landing page.

Eventually, all standard sites (sites without custom templates) will be upgraded to use the global page template. In the meantime, if your site currently has the Standard or Home page templates and you're interested in using the Global page, contact us.

You can determine which page template you're using by scrolling just past the Metadata section at the top of the page editor. The label at the top of the next section indicates the template on the current page. For example:

Standard page content
Standard page template
Global page content
Global page template


There are other common templates in the CMS. Examples include:

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