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Global page template

The Global page template merges the former Standard and Home page templates. The global page template applies to sites in the CMS created after Fall 2019, or if you've made a special request for your site.

The Global page template is split up into sections (rows) of content. For each section, you can choose a different component, such as accordions or tabs. You can also place components that were formerly restricted to home pages, such as a news feed module, on any page, whether it is the home page, an internal/inside page, or a landing page.

Eventually, all standard sites (sites without custom templates) that currently use the two separate standard and home page templates will be upgraded to use the global page template. In the meantime, if your site currently has the standard or home page templates and you're interested in using the global page, contact us.

Page layout options

The global page template has two page layout options: Standard and Expanded. The options affect the width of the main content area.

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