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Auto-indexed links - thumbnails layout

Auto-indexed links - thumbnails layout is a page component that consists of a list of hyperlinks to each of the pages within the current folder (the CMS will automatically scan all pages in the current folder and create links for them), displayed as a list of headings with images and a description. Each page in the current folder should have a thumbnail image. 

How to

Create auto-indexed links - thumbnails layout

  1. Create a new page or edit an existing page.
  2. In the Page type section of the page editor, select the Landing/index page option. The Landing page editor will appear.
    Choose the landing/index page option
  3. In the Index option field, select Auto.
    Choose the Thumbnails option
  4. In the Display as field, select Thumbnails.
  5. In the Number of levels field, choose the number of folder levels the CMS should scan. If 1 is chosen, the CMS will scan the sibling pages in the current folder. If 2 is chosen, the CMS will scan the sibling pages in the current folder, and if there is a subfolder, it will also scan the pages in that folder. 
  6. Choose the Sort order of the links—either alphabetical or the folder order.
  7. Submit the page. The CMS will automatically add the links in a thumbnails format according to the options you have chosen. Ensure that each page has a thumbnail image and a relevant description.
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