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CMS User Guide

The CMS User Guide provides an overview of how to use the university's Content Management System (CMS). 

For further instruction on specific topics or to receive a CMS login, please request a CMS training session. We welcome your questions and comments, contact us.

Table of contents

Topics are organized into the sections below. Each section contains relevant explanations, definitions and How to guides.  

Features of the CMS User Guide

  • Bolded text is used to indicate a definition or CMS menu item or field. 
  • How to guides are detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. 
  • Throughout the CMS User Guide, you will see highlighted sections like these:

  Grey highlighted sections indicate an important note or tip.

  Blue highlighted sections indicate an important brand guideline that must be followed.

  Red highlighted sections indicate an important accessibility rule that must be followed.